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Real Life Stories

  • William-and-Dr.-Ron2 William’s story: going from daily suffering to an improved family life!!

    Symptoms: neck and back pain

    My wife found Dr. Ron McAlister while on the Internet. We were looking for a massage therapist to help me with my pain.

    Subluxations have affected my life negatively in different ways. I have suffered with back pain for many years (7-10yrs) which directly affected every single activity in my life (family, social, sports, work).

    I had first tried massages and physiotherapy. I obtained very few results that lasted for only a few weeks. I was also always taking pain killers on a daily basis to stand and manage the pain.

    Since I started receiving regular Corrective Chiropractic Care, my life has improved a lot. The level of pain has been reduced by 70% and I’m not taking pain killers anymore! I went from 3 or more pills to NONE! I’m extremely happy as I feel my life is back, with no pain and lots of energy!!

    Since coming to see Dr. Ron McAlister I am more consciousness of my posture and have been educated with information that is essential for my health.

    I am very happy I found Dr. Ron McAlister. My level of pain has been reduced, I am exercising again and my family life is great as I can do more activities with my kids and wife. People have noticed the improvement in my posture as well.

    My advice to anyone who is new to Corrective Chiropractic Care is:

    1. Be patient – Since nobody can cure your chronic pain in just a few weeks.

    2. Do NOT miss your appointments.

    3. Do your exercises on a daily basis.

    4. Be conscious of your posture 24/7!

    5. Be more conscious about your diet and reduce the amount of fat and sugars as they increase inflammation.

    I will recommend Dr. Ron McAlister to everyone for many years!

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