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Meet the Team

  • Charleston Dollano, Executive Chef

    Charleston has been cooking for over 17 years. His passion lays in bringing fresh, local, real whole foods to the table. Charleston Dollano has utilized his culinary and management skills in the food service industry for 17 years. Prior to opening the Epicurean Eatery at What’s Good Wellness, he was the Sous Chef at LeSélect Bistro, a 30 year old landmark in downtown Toronto, specializing in French cuisine. Under his LeSélect mentor Chef Albert Ponzo, Charleston’s perspective on food changed

    when he learnt the importance of sustainable agriculture to the health of the environment and human body.

    Supporting his immigrant family at the age of 15, Chef Charleston started his humble beginnings in hospitality, quickly learning from the ground up how to navigate his way around a kitchen. Driven by his passion and love of food, he continued his studies in the Culinary Management Program at Humber College.
    From there, he worked in many different types of kitchens and realized that not all kitchens are the same. In fact, every establishment and meal tells a story and has its own philosophy depending on its maker. Today, Charleston’s ambition and philosophy is to educate people about the joys of eating whole foods, supporting sustainable agriculture and bridging the gap between ‘farm-to-table’.
    Partnering with his wife Katrina, the Acupuncturist at What’s Good, they aim to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine dietetics, with modern food trends to create nutritional, healing meals that address their patient’s dietary needs.
    When Charleston is not cooking, he enjoys dancing, snowboarding, grocery shopping, and writing about himself in the third person. Every summer he hosts a BBQ, bringing family and friends together for good food, conversation and reminiscing.

    Chef Charleston sourcing local produce.

    Chef Charleston sourcing local produce.

    On one of his visits to the farmer’s market to purchase local organic and seasonal produce, Charleston displays the pleasure on his face as he views the earth-covered, oddly-shaped tomatoes and kale with caterpillar bites. Produce in the purist of forms, as nature intended.

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