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Meet the Team

  • Kim Tran, HBSc, R.Ac

    Hi there! I’m Kim Tran, an Acupuncturist at What’s Good Wellness Center.

    I feel so blessed to be a part of the team here at What’s Good. This clinic has amazing energy, and it’s such a great place for healing.

    All my life I knew I wanted to be a healer.  I’ve always felt much attuned to people’s energies, and making people feel better was just so natural to me.  I was drawn to Chinese Medicine in high school, when I chose to do a research project on Acupuncture.  It was amazing to me to learn that our bodies could provide its own healing with a little help from tiny needles.  I was truly mesmerized by the list of ailments that could be treated with Chinese medicine. How is it possible, that Acupuncture could help with so many things such as; pain, infertility, headaches, addictions and mental issues? Chinese medicine called out to me. Through intensive training at Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I learned the theories behind the success of this 3000+ year old medicine.

    I am happy to extend a helping and healing hand.  I have faith that I can care for you, and help you along your path to wellness and good health.

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